The Clothing Exchange

The Clothing Exchange is the best example of clothes swapping I’ve found in the online sphere. Users upload photos of clothes they want to swap and assign them a value between one and five buttons. You can then peruse database for items that interest you and make ‘swap requests’ for clothing of equal or lesser button value. There’s also a purchase facility if you aren’t looking to sell, and they host swapping events interstate (believe me, I’m doing everything I can to get one happening in Tassie!).

For more information you can find The Clothing Exchange here.

Garage Sales

While I don’t have any specifics for you, what I can recommend is the new era of garage sale to be found as an ‘event’ on facebook. No trawling through the classifieds at the crack of dawn, just friends of friends (of friends) who have cleaned out their closets and are happy for you to come and sort through their pre-loved items.

Better yet, the last few garage sales I have been to started at a leisurely 10am and the event pages were accompanied by photos of all the great clothing available.

Hobart Clothing Exchange

Hobart Clothing Exchange is a Facebook group that allows members to upload their new and pre-loved clothes for sale. With well over 10,000 members there’s always a great variety of clothing available — be the first to comment ‘SOLD’ and the item in question is yours.

It’s a fantastic concept that combines everything I love about bargain hunting with everything I love about online shopping. What’s more, the lovely lady behind Hobart Clothing Exchange can sometime be found holding a stall of her own at the Overdressed Market.

For more information you can find Hobart Clothing Exchange here.

EXCITING UPDATE! Hobart Clothing Exchange has created two new groups – HCE Sartorial for more upscale clothing items and HCE Vintage for genuine pre-1990s fashion. Find out more here and here.