Spring cleaning with Susannah.

If fashion is art and shopping a science, keeping all your clothes organised is a mission! Choose to accept that it’s time for a spring clean and you’ll be rewarded with a wardrobe that offers nothing less than the best. It’s not exactly glamorous work, but these tips will make it a breeze to roll up your sleeves and tame the chaos.

Create a temporary floor-drobe

First, empty your wardrobe – yes, things are going to get a lot messier before they get tidy! Not only does this ensure you’ve accounted for everything, but it’s the perfect time to dust and wipe down your shelves and drawers. If that seems overwhelming (deep breath!) attack one area of storage before moving onto the next.

Divide and conquer

Now that’s you’ve channeled your domestic diva, sort your clothes into three piles:

This is for all the clothes that you absolutely love, are super flattering or extremely versatile. Ideally they’ll be all three and if they don’t tick at least two of those boxes, they’re probably not worth keeping.

Super flattering but impractical and holds negative connotations? Not worth it!
Love it but it never sees the light of day because you’re not sure it suits you? Set it free!
Useful but you’ve worn it to death and doesn’t fit quite right anymore? You can do better!

Don’t be afraid to be ruthless because culling will give the clothes you really love a chance to shine. If you have trouble being objective, invite a friend to give you a second opinion – just be sure they’re prepared to channel Trinny and Susannah to get the job done!

Again, be Anna-Wintour-ruthless. If you’re going to spend time and money getting something fixed, make sure it’s something you’ll actually wear. You might also come across items that could greatly benefit from alterations. Just be sure they have a valued place in your revamped wardrobe – otherwise you might be better off filling the gaps with something new.

Selling quality pieces through local preloved markets, Facebook fashion groups and eBay can help put some money back into your pocket (as well as brighten up somebody else’s wardrobe). Everything else can be donated to the op shop for good karma (and a warm fuzzy feeling).

Restock your winning wardrobe

Now that you’ve whittled down your wardrobe, it’s time to reorganise it. This might mean arranging like with like or into different sections such as work, casual, dressy and formal. Another option is hanging outfits together. This is handy for work clothes because it saves time and makes good-to-go outfits easy to find. It can also inspire you to be creative with how you put looks together and identify any clothes you lack that would complete a killer outfit or, better yet, breathe new life into several other items.

Voilà! Now you can now be content that your wardrobe is sorted – and best of all, you’ll have made plenty of room for the clothes on your spring shopping list!