Wondrous winter wardrobe on a budget.

Is Mt Wellington covered in snow? Are you getting to work when it is still dark? Is there nothing but football on the television? If the answer is yes, this can only mean one thing – winter is here. It also means that we need to review our wardrobes and prepare for the impending onslaught of cold weather. And while it might be tempting to run out and spend a small fortune, there are a few ways that you can prepare for winter on a budget.

It might sound obvious, but the best place to start is your own wardrobe. If your heavy-duty winter items are hidden away in the back of your closet, it is time to pull them out and give them a good once-over. Is the style/colour/size of that beloved coat still as flattering as it used to be, or has it seen better days? If it is a quality item that you are just a bit bored with, consider updating the buttons or combining it with some brightly coloured accessories, such as a scarf for a bit of a lift. You will be amazed at how simple it can be to give your “go-to” winter outfit a brand new look. Layering can also be your friend, as the weather gets colder. Rather than a new dress, you might just need a few pairs of tights to transform your summer classic into winter’s hottest new look.

Now that you know what you already have, you can figure out what is still missing from your winter wardrobe. Whether it is a new jacket, pants or pair of boots, splurge a little for quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Winter clothes are particularly worth investing in because they are often timeless staples – think leather jackets, trench coats and cashmere scarves. And do not forget to consider how your new pieces will work with your existing clothes for a look that will see through to next season and beyond.

If you are on a budget and investing in expensive items is not worth maxing out your MasterCard for, there are other options. In Hobart we are lucky to be spoilt for places that offer great quality pre-loved clothing.The Overdressed Market is perfect for frugal fashionistas who want to update their wardrobe at bargain prices, and Facebook groups such as Hobart Clothing Exchange and HCE Sartorial mean you can shop for winter bargains in your pyjamas. And do not forget your local op shop! Op shops are an excellent starting point in the hunt for key pieces and you will be inspired by what you find. You will also be supporting local charities doing valuable work in the community – both by donating those clothes that no longer have a place in your wardrobe, and finding their feel-good replacements.